Painting the World


About this Website

This website is a mock website, created as a practice session during the 'Skills to Earn' workshops at:-
DJ School Association
Unit 7 Urban Arts Centre, Castlefield Street
Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent
Staffordshire. ST4 7AQ
Tel: 01782 205675

Each of our student participants creates a website, completes artwork and exhibits in a gallery as part of this course, to simulate working as a performing artist, including dealing with any difficulties incurred along the way. The course is designed to prepare them for one day working professionally as a performing artist.

The artists receives no monetary compensation as part of this endeavour. They exhibit for free, the studio time and tuition are paid for from their course fees and all websites are created using free software and DJ School Association resources. Participants pay their fees each week and are reimbursed legitimate basic expenses (e.g. travel to and from exhibits only). They are expected to provide their own equipment or use what is available at DJ School, arrange their own transport and supply their own 'artistic equipment' such as paints, canvases etc.

For the purposes of this website, 'commissioned' refers to arranging to take on working practice simulations for no monetary compensation, except legitimate out of pocket expenses and  'working artist' refers to simulated working practices within The DJ School Association perameters of the Skills to Earn course.

Students are encouraged to make their mock ups as real as possible in accordance with our simulation practices which may include 'mock shops' and galleries. However, no sales are made through their websites and all 'shop' links are dummy links.

Should you wish to find out more about our Skills to Earn courses, please contact us using the details at the tops of this page.